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Founded on Feb 28 1993, Shanghai SHZQ Futures Co., Ltd. (SHZQ) is an independent registered company with the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and the State Administration of Industry & Commerce (SAIC). The largest shareholder is Yankuang Group Co., Ltd., which is an extra-large State-Owned-Enterprise (SOE)


The corporate culture can be summed up into “Three Faith and Five Spirit”, standing for “Faith in Futures, Faith in SHZQ, Faith in Oneself” and “I n teg r i ty, Commi tmen t , S truggle, Ownership, Initiative”. Following its inculcation, SHZQ has flourished into one of the most influential futures companies in China through 20 years’ persevering efforts

Operation Concept

  • To create wealth by profession and promote value by concentration
  • To spread the correct investment concepts over investors
  • To provide the convenient transaction and transfer channel to client
  • To be consultant of enterprises, organizations and personals in risk management and asset hedging and growth

Operation Concept

Become the benchmark of Chinese futures industry!
  • Futures and derivatives comprehensive solution provider
  • Large enterprise groups, the risk management services
  • Important platform of yankuang group capital operation
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